Our team at The National Poetry Competition

Find out more about our team at The National Poetry Competition.

About our team

Every great project needs a great team!

Here you can find out about some of the people behind The National Schools Poetry Competition, what they’re up to and why they’re committed to being involved with its success

Be sure to connect with them through their social media links that follow each persons bio.

Tally Koren

Tally Koren

Visionary and Creator of NSPC4PEACE

Hi, I’m Tally, the Visionary and Creator behind NSPC4PEACE, and after receiving a poem written by one of my MySpace fans I released it as single ‘Beauty of the Duty, which ended up being featured on the BBC Radio 2 playlist and on over 100 radio stations around the World.

This has inspired me to create this project, where I can provide a platform where children can learn about peace, love, and engage in writing poetry from their hearts to reach out and to inspire others that there is a better way.

Ian McKendrick

Ian McKendrick

Website and Social Media Integration

Hi, I’m Ian and I designed and maintain The National Schools Poetry Competition website. Having led a fairly successful life, everything changed after I suffered a heart attack in 2014, and as a result of my circumstances I was subsequently  made homeless. Since then I’ve endured a series of serious heart operations, including a quadruple heart bypass which was life-changing, completely changing how I view the world and my attitude to others around me.

I love the idea of this project and if it touches the hearts of only a few people and changes their lives for the better then I will be an incredibly happy man!

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Tally has been busy in the studio this week recording a melody to accompany the winning poem "Light hand - dark hand", authored by Jessica Clay - Shenley Brook End School; winner of the National Schools Poetry Competition 2017 age category 11-15.

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