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Peace Through Poetry

Peace Through Poetry is an initiative to help children and young people explore the important issue of peace in our society and throughout the world.

Alongside the Poetry Competition, we also run school workshops, which are normally delivered within the RE or English curriculum.

School Workshop

The workshop will contain a demonstration of how poems can be transformed into pop songs and change the image of poetry. There will also be a performance of the winning poems of last year’s competition, so that the children can connect a poem on the page to a person performing it.

The children will then have time to put together their own peaceful poem

Rates and Availability

£125 for two workshops within Greater London and neighboring counties.

Additional charges and travel expenses may occur on a case by case basis but are negotiable and reasonable.

As Tally Koren has a busy schedule we advice to book 2-3 month in advance

For costs and availability please email:

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