About The National Schools Poetry Competition

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Poetry for peace

The National School Poetry Competition is designed to unlock the potential of young people and to encourage them to express their emotions through writing poetry about peace.

The Winner’s Poems will be turned into songs by the International award-winning singer-songwriter Tally Koren and will be premiered at The House of Lords.

The winning poems

The winning poems will be composed into songs and recorded into an album by Tally Koren, which her first single, ‘Beauty of the Duty’, started life as poem written by one of her MySpace fans.

Tally turned it into a song that was featured on the BBC Radio 2 playlist and on over 100 radio stations around the World.

Tally’s inspiration to create the competition came when she received a poem “Magical Power” by a thirteen year old girl and she was moved to tears and turn the poem into song.

To inspire all of us

“I believe that every child has a hidden poem inside.

The purity and innocence of emotions is a way to touch and change the hearts of people to create a better future

I want to encourage young people to use their imagination and creativity and emotion to inspire all of us and I hope to find the new ‘Imagine’ by John Lenon.”

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For more information email: info@tckproduction.com

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