Today we are excited to share with you that our founder Tally Koren’s vision of the National Schools Poetry Competition has come true. A poem that was written by a child has now become a song. A song for peace, a song for hope, a song that can change the world!

Tally is sincerely looking to find the new “Imagine”. We hope you will support her by listening to the track for free on Spotify, or you can buy the track on ITunes. You will be making a statement, for some real positive change. Please support Tally to unite the next generation.

Ladies and gentlemen we are proud to introduce to you Tally Koren’s new single based on Jessica Clay’s poem “Dark Hand – Light Hand”.

A photograph of Dark Hand - Light Hand SIngle cover
Listen to ‘Dark Hand – Light Hand for free on spotify’

A photograph of 'Dark Hand - Light Hand' for Itunes
Buy ‘Dark Hand – Light Hand’ on Itunes

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