We are delighted to share with you the top 10  finalists of the National Schools Poetry Competition with the theme of Peace .

Category 7-11
1. Longing for Peace by Arwen Kitson
2. Peace by Chloe Voo
3. We can all Change by Alice Monk
4.Peace by Ben Watley
5.I Dream of Peace by Motty Freedman
6. Peace by Neave Taylor
7. Peace by Akbar Sen
8.Peace and Prosperity by Olujimi Bakare
9. Moon Spirit by Imogen Barnden
10. The Home of The World by Shania Aula
Category 12-15
1. Peace Poem by Ella Scully
2. The World by Alessandra Rusu
3. The Key to Peace by Charlotte Wood and Saleha Nauman
4. Peace on Earth by Charlotte Ambrose
5. Peace by Ruby Hale
6. What is Peace? by Bethan Morris
 7. Peace to Me by Mandal Iona
 8. Peace will Conquer By Sophia, Ramneek and Annam
9. Without Peace by Jemima Tompkinson
10. Peace by Melissa Molloy

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